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The riveting tales are carried out by the locals who have inherited these ancient traditions from their ancestors.


A Bedouin lifestyle

The "Naqa At-tair Oasis" show recreates the life of Bedouins, reflecting on the relationship between them and the environmental elements in the desert. The show captures the close-up portrait of the locals going about their daily lives and performing their day-to-day routine for food, housing, travelling and other necessities. The show mainly revolves around the story of a young Bedouin man who tames animals to accomplish various daily tasks for him and his family.

"Naqa At-tair Oasis" is a pleasant surprise that awaits guests with its unique natural scenery, traditional culture and entertaining plot. The shows name is derived from the literal definition of each word; “High hill of sand” and “Falcon”, and is an ancient name of the area where the village is located, which is known for its high sand hills that the falcons rest on. Tune in for a surprise falconer Sultan is preparing for his friend Esayyan and his guests.

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