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The riveting tales are carried out by the locals who have inherited these ancient traditions from their ancestors.


A sailors’ lifestyle...

This show is based on a true scene from the past depicting the relationship between man and sea. For over 5,000 years, the Arabian Gulf was known as a major source of pearls in the world and generation after generation, most of the men in the Arabian Gulf region worked in pearl diving. The fact that not many know, though mentioned in some historical references, is that the best known pearl divers were Bedouins who spent the whole winter season on the mainland and the summer season pearl diving, which extended for a period of 4 months from May to September. The Bedouin people are distinguished by their strong bodies and ability to hold their breath under water for long periods of time to collect the largest number of oysters with their hands.

"Qumasha" plays the wife of "diver Hamdan" replacing his duties during the time of his absence in pearl diving journeys.

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