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The signature restaurant at Zaman Lawal Heritage Village


Naqa At-Teir Restaurant

Cuisine is the cornerstone of most cultures, offering a window into the flora and fauna of the region and insight into the way people lived. Naqa At-Teir Restaurant & Coffee Shop gives you the opportunity to taste unique flavours from Emirati culture, with traditional Emirati dishes made using recipes passed down through the ages and refined over the years.

The signature restaurant, Naqa At-Teir, uses homemade Eastern and Arabian spices and locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, lamb, chicken and eggs used in local dishes have been sourced from local farms. Making use of the fresh produce, Naqa At-Teir Restaurant serves the most delectable Emirati cuisine, with succulent meat dishes and hot breads. Selected dishes are roasted over wood made from the local Samar tree.

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