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Live like a Bedouin

Step into an uninterrupted desert oasis, enveloped in the rich golden sand. All activities at the Zaman Lawal Heritage Village have been designed to allow guests and visitors, to use all their senses and truly live like a Bedouin.

Termed by Emiratis as ‘The Bedouins’ eyes in the sky’, the Falcon is the essence of Arabic poetry. Falcons have been alive in the Bedouins’ hearts and rhythmic lines for centuries. Beyond their unique characteristics of exceptional vision, lightning speed, and hunting accuracy, they have become trusted and loyal companions in the lives of the Bedouins; accompanying them on lonesome trips through the desert. The Arabian Falcon’s grandiose physical attributes exude status and pride as they call their home the Arabian Desert. We welcome you to a show of the different kinds of local falcons showcased by falcon experts and owners. The show includes a hunting segment called Telwah where the falcon is trained to hunt prey.


Termed ‘The Ship Of The Desert’, Camels played a major role in the lives of the Bedouins as they roamed the desert sands and steep dunes, carrying people and entire tents. These tough creatures can endure the harsh sandstorm season and live on scarce diet, enough to sustain them over long periods of time. Zaman Lawal Heritage Village provides guests with an introduction to local camel types, a demonstration of milking camels, camel rides in two trips, Al Sarh after dawn and Al Dhuwa in the evening.


‘Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I will show you a horse’. The poetic movements of the Arabian horse have been the verse of art for decades, mesmerizing in their beauty. Long recognised for being one of the finest breeds of horses, the Arabian horse is vigilant and powerful in nature. The natural desert environment shaped the Arabian horse's endurance, strength due to the harsh surroundings. In this activity, visitors will be introduced to the different types of local horses, horse riding, training, saddling horses and horse safari trips to the oasis.


Salukis are old-age companions of the Bedouin and have inspired poetry, verses, and centuries of pride in the heart of many homes. Named ‘The daughter of the tent’ and ‘Desert eyes’, Salukis have moved many a heart with their regal presence, playful nature and loyalty. 6Known for their cognitive skills and speed, Salukis hunt in a form of art and come home to be family dogs, clean and noble. In this activity we introduce the different types of greyhounds, hold a greyhound race, and hunt duck, chicken, and rabbit with the greyhounds.


Get a taste of the Emirati traditions and learn how to make your own authentic dish. Sample dishes and enjoy the aroma of local spices beautifully fused together for a truly unforgettable taste. This activity introduces traditional cooking methods and preparing simple dishes such as Jami, yogurt, Qurs Al Badu, Rqaq bread, local bread and Khameer.


In the past, Bedouins drew inspiration from the Arabic Coffee that is the centre of every gathering. The mixture of the date and coffee beans offer an irresistible flavour, with an aroma that will take you back in time. Learn about the significance of the Arabic Coffee, the preparation process of roasting the coffee beans on fire, grinding and preparing it to drink, and Emirati etiquette of drinking Arabic Coffee, and be treated to dates while you sip your Arabic Coffee by the fire.


The rich culture and heritage of the people of the UAE has been an essential part in making the dream of a union possible. Be a part of the UAE story by exposure to the Sana lessons where boys and girls are taught about the
Emirati customs and traditions, such as how to greet people, welcoming guests, serving coffee, and other habits.


The Bedouin life was a simple, yet challenging life, especially in the desert and at sea. Local Emirati life in the past was sustained through a variety of occupations, which were the cornerstone of the present UAE socio-economic landscape. Learn about the traditional professions and skills such as rope making, weaving of palm leaves, dates and date products, among other professions.


Play like an Emirati Bedouin and learn how to play the age-old games such as 'Al Karabee' and 'Al Haloosa'.


Animals played a major role in the survival of the Bedouins and their existence and were a means of transportation, companionship, clothing and source of food for the Emiratis of the past. Gain a better understanding of animals
and their role in Emirati life in the past, whilst enjoying the company of these creatures. The Animal Farm features camels, horses, donkeys, greyhounds, sheep, cows, and birds.


Stars guided the travelling Bedouins to their destinations and helped them navigate throughout the desert, so as the sun sets behind the dunes, look up to the clear night sky to see the spectacular starry night, a rarity in our everyday lives. Let our guide help you locate the most important stars, galaxies and maybe even planets!


The Henna tree is beautiful and its scent reminds us of its use in the lives of the Emirati women. Henna was and is still used for cosmetic uses, such as Henna drawings and natural hair dye. Be treated to the design of your choice
by Zaman Lawal Heritage Village’s skilled Emirati artisans.


Fulfill your dream of a desert adventure and ride over the high dunes that offer a breath-taking panoramic view of nature in its purest form. Be treated to the warm Emirati hospitality and dine from a wide array of food choices at
the daily buffet and outdoor barbeque.


A desert adventure is not complete without a guided walk through the Remah desert. Explore the natural landscape with our experts and get in touch with nature. Listen to the serene silence of the desert to fully comprehend what it
was like to be a Bedouin.


What better way to explore the Zaman Lawal Heritage Village than to ride the sand bike and discover the Remah desert for yourself! Soak in the warm sun rays as you enjoy the view of the village, the splendid Naqa At-Teir Oasis
and animal farm, all from the thrill of your sand bike.

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