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Zaman Lawal Heritage Village at a glance


A journey through time...

The rich history of the emirate of Abu Dhabi has a profound influence on the present and future, and through the heritage village, we bring to life the unique combination of culture, heritage and environmental elements that shape our identity.

“Zaman Lawal” , is a local Emirati adjective for the words “old times”. At Zaman Lawal Heritage Village, the hands of time go back to the past, transporting you to a time where an authentic way of life can be experienced with all its glory and rosy hues.

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Zaman Lawal Heritage Village features the following:

1) The Local Souk: A traditional retail market for visitors and guests which includes the old Al-Sidra Market.
2) House of Pearls: A showcase about pearls and pearl diving trips.
3) Naqa At-Teir Restaurant & Coffee Shop: An authentic Emirati restaurant offering traditional food and beverages.
4) The Tent: The home of poetry and warm Arabian hospitality in Emirati heritage.
5) The Farm: A showcase of the Falaj Emirati irrigation system where date palms flourish.
6) House of Good Fortune: A showcase of the importance of date palms in the past, and date harvesting equipment and methods.
7) Naqa At-Teir Oasis: Includes an oasis, trees, date palm trees, birds and a tent for relaxing.
8) Al Masjid: The Islamic place of prayer.
9) Saluki (Greyhound) Show: A fun show about the Bedouin’s best friend and their hunting trips together.
10) Camel and horse riding: Ride any of the two animals inside or outside the village.
11) Al Ezbah: A small farm hosting local Emirati farm animals.
12) The Jalibut: An authentic pearl diving boat used in the past.
13) Traditional local snacks making.
14) Traditional date syrup making.
15) Henna drawing.

To make the most out of your visit and stay at Zaman Lawal Heritage Village, we recommend the following:

  1. • Wear clothing which is light-weight, designed for the outdoors.
  2. • Bring an outdoor winter jacket for unexpected drops in temperature, especially at night.
  3. • Designated areas of the village encourage guests to experience life as an Emirati Bedouin, so be prepared to slip off your footwear and feel the desert sand against your skin.
  4. • We pride ourselves for being part of a dry resort and therefore alcoholic beverages will not be available.

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